Saturday, August 1, 2009

Breakfast with Grandpa

Ev and I loaded up early and headed up the interstate to the Boondocks. We were meeting Grandpa Ray for breakfast. He pulled in right behind us, so even tho we were late, he was technically later.

I wanted to see Dad, but I could tell he really wanted to spend some time with Evan. I excused myself to go to the restroom and wandered around the attached convenience store. When I returned they were talking about teaching. Evan was asking my father such thoughtful questions about his experiences as a teacher. Dad's first teaching gig was in Ida Grove, IA in 1951. He was hired by the superintendent because he played basketball for Primghar High and he was willing to coach in addition to his appointment as high school math teacher. I remember a time when he refereed and even drove the school bus to the game!

Evan was eating it up. I left again a little later, just so they could talk alone some more. This was one of the first times in a long, long while that both Ev and I sat entranced listening to these new stories.

After enjoying a great breakfast with Grandpa, it was time to part. We said our goodbyes, enjoyed hugs all around, and loaded into the Mini. I asked Ev if he wanted the slow trip home or the fast one on the interstate. He shook his head, "Mom, do you even have to ask?" We headed west, over to the state highway. We made one stop along the way at an old junk shop. We shopped together for awhile, then apart, then together again. Ev found a old picture for his new digs, an old tin box, and a valentine written from Virgil to Lorraine Luppes in 1929. I am sure Ev must have a young woman in mind ;)

On our way into town, we found a local grower who was selling his sweet corn out of the back of his pickup. One dozen ears of Peaches 'n Cream, please. I am a woman hungry for corn....

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