Saturday, February 22, 2014


On a recent stop at my favorite junque shop, I sat for one treasured hour going through old B&W photographs that the shop's proprietor had recently nabbed. Her husband's hometown newspaper office was cleaning out files and this mountain of photos was going into the garbage!

I am so thankful that Brenda intervened; I did not leave the shop empty-handed. I found many of my yards with farmers, tractors, and farm animals; old couple gardeners; relatives gathered on the front porch; exterior shots of beautiful old houses--and their interiors with furnishings and appliances of the day. I even found several shots of a funeral -- from one photo that captured the pall-bearers carrying the casket out of the small church to the last photo that was snapped graveside.

My favorite  is the above photograph. One of the shop clerks came over to check out the piles of images that I had set aside. I happened to have this one in my hand. I had been studying the sofa and the chairs set around the room; the man's overalls and stocking feet; and the darkness on the other side of the sheers. Just then she leaned in and said, "He is so waiting for his daughter to get home."