Friday, August 21, 2009

Gift or Glitch

Cancer Horoscope for week of August 20, 2009

Verticle Oracle card Cancer (June 21-July 22)
For better or worse, you are at least temporarily becoming more psychic. It could be a blessing, or it might be a bit of a burden. You may really enjoy having an enhanced ability to tune in to what people are thinking and feeling, and it could prove eminently useful. Knowing what's *really* on everyone's mind might give you a significant edge as you work to turn grand fantasies into well-grounded realities. But it also might tax your empathy or tempt you to ignore boundaries that should be upheld. I hope that by informing you of this situation, I have made it far more likely that your higher sensitivity will be a gift instead of a glitch.

The Great Escape

I snapped this foto the other day in the parking lot of the Fareway Store. I was in my car, buckled in, when I looked over to check for cars B4 backing out, and woah!. I just laughed out loud. I couldn't help but think that they were trying to figure out how to get that van started, so they could get the hell out of Dodge b4 their human returned. There are days I feel like that when I don't know how to turn that key that will open up the road to the rest of my life....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And lastly, The Wheel of Fortune

This card reads destiny, luck, and fidelity. Fortune, the winged goddess, sits blindfolded at center of her spinning wheel. She is surrounded by four men clinging to the wheel, each representing different life states...regnabo (Iwill reign), regno (I reign), regnavi (I have reigned), and sum sine regno (I am without reign).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Chariot

This card relates to providence, war, and success. The Queen is seated on a Renaissance cart used in triumphal processions and drawn by two winged horses. She carries both a scepter and a cross-mounted orb, symbols of temporal powers.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Queen of Swords

This card conveys widowhood, separation, and mourning. The Queen is wearing steel gauntlets and gold-scale armor over her delicate gown. Each shoulder carries a golden lion head as epaulet decoration. In her right hand, The Queen carries her sword, the symbol of her suit.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Opening Day at the Iowa State Fair

Very early Thursday morning I was out front, moving a shrub that blocked our site line at the end of the driveway. I noticed the pickup coming down the street as that of a young man who frequently comes to call on the young woman living next door.

It was too early for this man to come calling; too early for this woman to need a ride into work. And then I thought, aha!, she probably stayed over at his place and is driving his truck home to get ready for work. As the truck pulled into the drive, I noticed it was the young man. He parked, then got out and approached the front door. The young woman stepped through the doorway and out onto the porch just as he bounded up the steps. They seemed shy toward each other at first, but then each broke into a welcoming smile for the other. They hurried down the walk toward the truck where the young man held the door, then offered his hand for her to step up into the cab.

I was curious as to where they were going so early in the morning, so dewy fresh and smiling sweetly toward each other. He was dressed in blue jeans and a light blue, cowboy-style shirt with snap, pearl buttons. I remember seeing the flash of his large, western-style belt buckle as he held open the door of his pickup. The woman was neatly dressed in a denim skirt and a crisp, white blouse. She had dressed for a hot, August day.

It dawned on me, as they pulled away, that it was opening day of the Iowa State Fair. He did come a callin' so early in the morning to take his girl to the Iowa State Fair!