Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I found this old foto in a pile of papers on my workbench. I love the old farmhouse with its open porch, altho the gingerbread is a bit much for my tastes. What I really like about this foto is what you can see along the left side of the image.

The house was built fairly close to what appears to be a narrow lane; check out that beautiful s-curve off in the distance. There is a wooden fence with a gate that follows the drop of the ditch down to the road. The gate is rather narrow but lends itself nicely to the delicate face of the homestead.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What the h@##?

Horseshoes, Anyone?

Sweet Corn on the cob, one of the favorite items in the diet of American, has always been an object of wonder to foreigners. Russians scorn it as a food fit only for hogs. the French cannot quite be convinced of its succulence and the Brits look upon our method of eating it as a form of barbarism. Most of this criticism is based, of course, on the fact that until recently Sweet Corn did not mature properly in the climates of these countries.

~Richardson Wright, Another Gardener's Bed-Book, 1933