Sunday, February 28, 2010

The other morning I ran out to the garden to feed the birds. When I turned to go back inside, I noticed that the snow was covered in tiny nutlets with hairy tufts. I looked up to see which of the trees was casting out its seed. It was not obvious to me, so I captured one and ran inside.

Today while I was out communing with those trees that make up Sycamore Row, I strapped on the snow shoes and headed out across the utility corridor. Right away I noticed a sycamore ball in the snow. As I bent to retrieve it, I saw thousands of those hairy seedlets dispersed all along the corridor. I just grinned. Of course, the two Sycamores that stand along the fenceline of my neighbor's backyard are flinging their seed. I hope one decides to stay permanently in my garden. :}