Wednesday, August 17, 2011

postcard courtesy Playle's
August 11 - 21, 2011

More Dubuque Over the Years

Grandview Tourist Camp in Dubuque, IA
circa 1920-1940s

Sunny Crest Sanatorium in Dubuque, IA
no date given

Fourth Street Elevator aka as the Fenelon Place Elevator
circa 1960-1970s

postcards courtesy of Playle's

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I came across this old postcard the other day while searching Playle's for images of Midwestern cemeteries. This old elevator, over the years, has carried many visitors up to the top of the bluff to take in the dramatic views of Miss River and the city of Dubuque.

When it popped onto the screen of my laptop, it brought back so many memories of my life there in the late 70s. We used to climb into those little cars that chugged and lurched up to Fenelon Place to visit friends. There was also a set of steps that hugged the incline and offered a vigorous workout to anyone daring enough to take on that steep ascent.

I remember one night when we were waiting for a friend to arrive for a dinner party on Fenelon Place. When he did not show at the appointed time, we set out to find him. This involved a descent down those steps, in the dark, the cold, and such icy conditions that prevented the elevator from running during the winter season.

We found our friend, sitting near the top of the staircase, trying to catch his breath from the long, slippery climb. He was cold. And exhausted. We gathered round him and walked back toward the light of his home, ravenous and ready to party!

image courtesy of Playle's