Saturday, June 6, 2009


The mess hall here at Lakeside Lab looks out over Little Miller's Bay on West Okoboji and we have been watching the pelicans out on the spit over the last few weeks. I came across this entry in John W. Parson's History of the Iowa Great Lakes Region, based on annual bulletins of the Okoboji Protective Association, 1906-1930 and 1940.

...early last June, a large flock of pelicans stopped for several hours on the sand spit opposite the Lakeside Laboratory. It was watched by a number of interested persons. The birds divided into two equal sized flocks, and took up a position opposite each other a short distance apart, and then from time to time one would leave the one flock flying to rejoin the other flock, till they were all together again. After that there would be another division, and the game was played all over again. To the onlookers it seems as though what they were doing was in the nature of a game. When they were flying and spread their wings showing the black wing feathers it was a beautiful sight. (1920)

The kids...

Ev's just returned home from India in this foto-it's Christmas Day 2008.

I've been away from home for 3 weeks now here at Lakeside Lab and I miss them terribly. I just found this foto in my image library and thought I would post it; it always makes me smile. I have two beautiful children.

Tugs on the River

Last Friday I was sittin' on the dock dipping my toes in the water of the Mississippi River at McGregor, Iowa watching these tugs push their way up the river. They were the Tom Bohlinger and the Deana Anne. I remember a tug from a long time ago named the Ben McCool. I wonder if it still runs the Mississippi.

Friday was a glorious day. Our troupe of amateur hydrologists had just tromped the bluffs up to the Effigy Mounds and spent a delightful afternoon of lecture and exploration. This foto goes out to all those who love the river and are but a stone's throw from its bank. I feel such a connection to this course of water. It is truly mighty.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

I am sitting on the screened porch of the Waitt Lab (ironic that I am typing on my Gateway Laptop!). I have a "take-home" midterm of four questions. Prof said not to spend too much time on it--not hard to do on this lovely day sitting at the lake shore among the Bur oaks with the rustle of the wind and the lovely birdsong. I am truly languishing.

I rode my bike over to the Presbyterian Church Camp across the ravine and attended an early morning service. Lots of high school/college-age kids, a few families and elderly folks who live nearby. The music was very contemporary; not the gospel hymns I am used to at our little country church, Mackey Methodist, on the Boone County line. It was a nice service, with a touching sermon, surrounded by good people.

I pedaled home, changed into trompin' clothes and headed out for the Silver Lake fen. There was a report of an rare, native orchid in bloom and I wanted to see it. I carefully stepped around the perimeter, not sure what I was looking for. Disappointed at not spotting anything slightly orchid-like, I turned to go back to the MINI. Lo and behold, there it was on the hillside.

I will download photos when I get back to my "home away from home" (12' x 12' room) and post them in the near future--if they turned out. I am so excited!