Sunday, May 31, 2009

Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

I am sitting on the screened porch of the Waitt Lab (ironic that I am typing on my Gateway Laptop!). I have a "take-home" midterm of four questions. Prof said not to spend too much time on it--not hard to do on this lovely day sitting at the lake shore among the Bur oaks with the rustle of the wind and the lovely birdsong. I am truly languishing.

I rode my bike over to the Presbyterian Church Camp across the ravine and attended an early morning service. Lots of high school/college-age kids, a few families and elderly folks who live nearby. The music was very contemporary; not the gospel hymns I am used to at our little country church, Mackey Methodist, on the Boone County line. It was a nice service, with a touching sermon, surrounded by good people.

I pedaled home, changed into trompin' clothes and headed out for the Silver Lake fen. There was a report of an rare, native orchid in bloom and I wanted to see it. I carefully stepped around the perimeter, not sure what I was looking for. Disappointed at not spotting anything slightly orchid-like, I turned to go back to the MINI. Lo and behold, there it was on the hillside.

I will download photos when I get back to my "home away from home" (12' x 12' room) and post them in the near future--if they turned out. I am so excited!

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