Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tugs on the River

Last Friday I was sittin' on the dock dipping my toes in the water of the Mississippi River at McGregor, Iowa watching these tugs push their way up the river. They were the Tom Bohlinger and the Deana Anne. I remember a tug from a long time ago named the Ben McCool. I wonder if it still runs the Mississippi.

Friday was a glorious day. Our troupe of amateur hydrologists had just tromped the bluffs up to the Effigy Mounds and spent a delightful afternoon of lecture and exploration. This foto goes out to all those who love the river and are but a stone's throw from its bank. I feel such a connection to this course of water. It is truly mighty.

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  1. i hope i'm not a nuisance but your blogs seem to reconnect me with so many things that were and are such a part of my life. this one really hit home. i myself live high above the miss. and enjoy sitting on the deck at night and watching the lites of the tow boats and listening to them -feeling them i think, push their cargoes upriver. god save the river rats....