Friday, July 31, 2009

Me vs. Mom vs. Me

Well, I am back to being Mom again. I rousted the youngsters about 10, then we headed out for dental appointmets, grocery shopping, ping-pong table assembly at Yia-Yia's, lunch at a favorite cafe, drive-up banking, and a quick stop at the library.
SOLO on August 10th!

I have to be honest. Two weeks without family was nice. They went to Greece. I went to Chicago and St. Louis, with a few day trips here and there. I made a list back in April: Things to Do on My Summer Vacation... and I pretty much nailed it, with the exception of a few odds and ends. Like paint touch-ups on the house before school starts and the neighborhood garbage sale Aug. 7-8th.

Tess starts swimming camp on Monday. She'll finish up her clarinet lessons, then start girls' swim season at Ames High School. Oh, and the biggie is that she will start driving on the 10th of August. She got her school permit this summer, so she is legal to drive BY HERSELF! to and from school functions. Yikes!!

Ev will go back to Iowa City this Monday. He said, "Early", so I am holding him to it. By the time we arrive, it will be close to lunchtime; we'll go eat Pad Thai, then I will drop him at his new digs. He claims his roommate will help him move from the storage unit, so I am off the hook! I should be done with him around 12:30 and then it's just Me again, not Mom, for a few more hours...

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