Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something as Simple as Salad

Tonight as I was unpacking all the beautiful veggies that came home with me this vacation, I decided to try Panzanella, or Italian Bread Salad.

Looking over my stash of garden green {and red, and yellow, and purple!}, I decided this would be a perfect summer evening meal. Tomatoes - check!; onions - check!; basil - check!; sweetcorn - check!; cuke - check!; goat cheese - check!; rustic bread - check!

Cube tomatoes and add the rest of veggies to a large bowl. I grilled the bread and onion slices to add some crunch and that special roasted flavor. Toss cubed bread, goat cheese, and veggies. Sprinkle with a little red wine vinegar, an equal amount of Balsamic vinegar, some Italian Seasoning, salt and pepper. The juice from the fresh tomatoes mingles with the vinegars and seasonings to provide a light, delicious dressing for these just-picked veggies.

Come to think of it....I should have roasted some of the beets to toss in! Next time. Now I am off to make Pesto with a full bag of pungent basil, fresh from the garden.

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