Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home again, home again....

Just walked in the door, back from my trip to Eastern Iowa, Western Illinois, downtown Chicago on Lake Michigan, and St. Louis along the Mississippi River. Saw some fantastic landscape driving the road between here and there.

Lots of fish stories to tell, but that is for other days. Just wanted to check in to say that I have arrived home safely and still feeling like I have been to the Spa, sipping Dr. Mile's Restorative Nervine.

Just one story. My friend and I raided a neighbor's garden -collecting home-grown food to take back with me. She also sent home a large slice of tomato pie. We prepared it last night, along with fresh sweetcorn, and roasted veggies. As I was unloading the car and putting away its cargo, I found the tomato pie and just finished a cold Corona and that extra-delicious slice. Thanks, gardening was fun!

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