Friday, June 19, 2009

Speaking of pigs....

Since I've been home, after being gone a month, my piggy bank is taking a beating. I started to do my laundry and the dryer died. As I was sorting the clothes, I noticed water on the floor and then felt it dripping on my head. I went upstairs to investigate, opened a newly-built cupboard in the bath, and water ran out onto the floor.
In addition to home repairs, the brake warning lite in the MINI popped on when I was driving the backroads home on Friday. I kind of freaked. I gently tapped the pedal to see if I could even stop. Yeah, I had brakes. What was going on????

I am reluctantly happy to report that all has been repaired/replaced. The new dryer is installed to the tune of about $600; the water pipe enclosed within the recently built cupboard has been replaced for about $300. And the front brake pads have been replaced on the MINI for watching my language $650!

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