Monday, June 15, 2009

Foto by Tess

My daughter Tess takes the most incredible photographs with her little digital camera. She has an eye that captures what most of us never see. She snapped this photo one evening when it was raining. She went out to play in the rain with the little kids next door and this is what she came in with. I am in awe.

For Mother's Day, she gave me one of those electronic picture frames that pan through whatever photos are uploaded to it. I packed it in my things going up to Lakeside Lab and I figured if I got homesick, I could turn it on. Since there was no TV in my room, that first nite, I turned it on and watched the little black screen. I got a little choked up. I laid in the dark and watched as my family, my dog, our vacation shots, my garden, and various other brilliant fotos scrolled by.

Not only is she talented, but she is so thoughtful. She understood what I needed to see to stay grounded for the month I spent away from home. Bless her heart.

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