Thursday, June 11, 2009

Livin' Small

I have had a ah-ha moment. These last few weeks I have been living in a "motel" room here at Lakeside Lab. I was supposed to have a roommate, but the class was not full, so I got a room to myself. (:}Yeah!) It has been a minimal existence, for sure. Everything I needed, I packed in the MINI-even my foldable bike and an old canvas and wood lawn chair for sitting out on the porch and dock. Granted, my meals have been prepared for me (and gad, we're talking down home, comfort food), but there is not much that I have wanted or needed. I have my laptop, music on my iPod, a cell phone, a roll of trace, my sketch book, colored pencils, pens, a few books, and my clothes (I brought too many!).

Livin' small made me realize how much stuff I have at home. A lot is associated with being a mother, a wife, a gardener, but on my own, I am enjoying this pared down existence. This might get old if I had to live like this, but it sure makes me think about all the "stuff" I have crammed in closets, the basement, garage, and garden shed. Maybe my mission this summer will be to rid my life of stuff. Then again, it is friday tomorrow. I bet I could catch some great garbage sales on my way home!!!!

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