Friday, June 12, 2009

Back home....

Headed home from IA Lakeside Lab late this afternoon. Pouring rain all day. The main highways were backed up with traffic moving at a snail's pace, so I ditched it and headed cross-country on the county blacktops. Much more fun. Traveled thru some Iowa towns I had never visited-Renwick, Bradgate, Laurens, and Ayrshire. Tiny hamlets, really, but clean and always a beautiful church. I love Iowa.

I stopped once, during a reprieve from the torrential rain, when I saw a sign at a roadside park about a flowing well. Since my recent hydrology project centered on artesian, or flowing, wells, I had to check it out. Nothing like Egralharve, but an old-fashioned hand pump brought forth a strong burst of cold water from the spigot.

Stopping by the roadside park brought back a nice memory from a long time ago. A friend was helping me move from Dubuque to Clear Lake when he spotted a roadside park and whipped the truck into the gravel lot. He jumped out and pronounced that he needed a pitstop. When I came out of the loo, he had gotten out my golf clubs from the back of the truck, so we hit a few balls. Some farmer, out cultivating, was probably scratching his/her head wondering where all those golf balls came from.....

Oh, the MINI turned over to 50,000. I had to take some fotos.

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  1. I clipped this from an article about a woman of a certain age who returned home to care for her dying mother. She ended up staying and decided to support herself by openng Lulu's. Never been, but hope to stop by someday. I'll order the c'burger and think of you!