Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Road Trip!!!!!!

It is countdown week for this grad student-spring semester begins next Monday. There was so much I planned to do over winterbreak, and I had a whole month to play and explore, but the weather threw a wrench into several of my plans. Sunday I realized I had a handful of days left, so if a road trip was my pleasure, I had better get going. The weather forecast for southern Iowa and northern Missouri and Kansas looked to be favorable for Tuesday, so I put my foot down, literally...on the gas pedal, and took off for the day. I got everyone out the door to their school and work, walked the dog, checked in with the carpenter, then hit the road for Atchison, KS. I have wanted to visit Nell Hills and Garrity's, two shops I had read about in Midwest Living magazine several seasons back. Shoppers, some by the busload, come from all over the region.

Garrity's was closed (the website had not been updated!:{), but Nell Hills was open and what fun! This elegant boutique is chock-full, and I mean full!, of home accessories that are priced so they won't break the bank. It offers two floors of merchandise, a feast for the eyes. I walked through a second time and discovered some beautiful items I had missed in my first pass.

On my way back to the interstate, I passed by a rambling antiques mall and did a quick u-turn. Glad I did because I hit the jackpot. I had been looking for an old rosary to pass on to my daughter. I wanted something with some history...a few prayers already rubbed into those beads. I found a handsome black-beaded rosary made in France. I also found one made with sky-blue beads...the color of my daughters eyes.

I also gathered some awesome postcards dating back to the 1910's. A handful depict landscaping in famous parks in Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Chicago. The rest were valentine and christmas p/c's with dutch children and windmills. I could not resist - I'm dutch! ;} My last treasure was a brown transferware lid to a soup tureen. Granted, the tureen part was missing, but the lid was covered with beautiful orchids and birds. This will be hung above a window in the dining room with some of my other transferware plates...always a nice addition to the Audubon bird prints.

It was a fun day. The weather was perfect for January-38 degrees and sunny. The landscape undulated with rolling hills and was dotted with hardwood forests, farm ponds, and boggy lowlands. I cut cross-country upon leaving Atchison and found some great motoring in the MINI-smooth blacktop, lots of "twisties", steep hills and valleys, single-lane bridges...and no traffic. It was glorious!


  1. Sounds like just my kind of trip! I collect old rosaries. Most of them are on a vintage dress form in the bedroom.

    We lived in Kansas City for several years. I absolutely loved it there.

  2. Glad you got to get out and see some country. Often the best trips are the most spontaneous ones.

    The shop you got to looks very interesting. It is a real treasure to find an antique store with the types of things you like. I always look for old black and white photographs that show people and buildings. Of course, books are always a favorite, too.

    Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed yours very much.