Sunday, January 4, 2009

Richardson Wright's entry for January 4th in his book ANOTHER GARDENER'S BED-BOOK

This entry is hilarious. Remember this book was published in 1933!

A New Water Lily
Recently there's been heard a wailing from owners of splendid and interesting gardens that are over-run with uninvited visitors, so over-run that garden privacy has become impossible. I have been caught both in "shorts" and without them. Most of my manly anatomy is known to at least three charming garden ladies who once descended on me unheralded. When we meet at flower shows the cordiality of our greeting is still tinctured with a slight degree of embarrassment. But then, I am more fortunate than my friend, the eminent horticulturist, who was mistaken for a Water Lily.

There was a new gardener on the place and he had been given orders to move the boxes of Lily roots in the pool. The owner happened by, and somehow, he couldn't make his man understand where he wanted them placed. So he stripped to the buff and waded in. Scarcely had he reached the middle of the pool when, from out of nowhere, appeared two carloads of garden club ladies. The owner did his best to stay under, but lack of breath finally forced him to the surface. Despite frantic signals from the gardener, the pilgrims lingered by the pond side. It is even reported that one near-sighted enthusiast, peering in the direction of the owner, exclaimed, "Well, I never saw that variety before!"

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