Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's talk about the weather....

How many times have I shoveled in the past week? Out again this morning to remove another four inches off the drive and walk. Our neighbors have a mountain of white stuff off to the side of their drive. It is the only spot they can put the snow. The pile has to be eight feet tall!!!!

I walked to class at noon, thinking that it had to have warmed up some, but the temp was only up to 0 degrees. Because I was heading into the northwest wind, I quickly began to rethink my decision to walk. Twenty minutes, bundled to the gills, and I was praying for a bus to come along. My husband gave me a camel hair coat for my birthday last July--one he purchased on eBay. The day I opened his present, it was close to 100 degrees. I remember thinking that I will never wear this. But I wore it today and was grateful. It kept me toasty from neck to knees, but my cheeks, nose, and eyes hurt by the time I finally found shelter in Agronomy Hall. When I walked part-way home tonight after class, about one and a half blocks from the bus stop to our house, it was even colder than this afternoon! Brittle cold with brutal winds. I fear for all the college kiddies I saw running around campus today without their hats and mitts.

My daughter just informed me that they canceled school tomorrow because of the cold. Forecasts for minus 25 (actual) degrees overnight and tomorrow morning. A record for this date. Baby, it's cold outside!

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  1. My complaining about the cold last night came back to haunt me. The MINI sat out last night and now it won't start. It popped right off, then died, and now refuses to start. Yes, it is still -8 degrees at 1 pm, but that car has always started. Crap!!!!