Thursday, October 8, 2009

From Son to Mother

I was in studio this morning. My cell phone called out to me. I answered and it was Ev. He was at his friend's father's funeral. The father had a stroke as he was sitting in church Sunday morning. Ev was crying, pleading with me not to die. Please don't die. I cried. I told him I would not die. I was sorry I could not be there to hold him. I was proud of him that he was there for his friend, but to remember to be there in three months, in six months when his friend really needed someone to talk to, to understand. We cried together. Then he pulled himself together and told me he just needed to hear my voice, to tell me how much he loved me.
Being a mom will never go away. It will always involve being there for your child. This is the first time I privately say, "Thank god for cell phones."

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