Monday, June 22, 2009

I snapped this picture as I came over the rise of a goat prairie up in NE Iowa. It's nonsense, really, but as I study it, the colors and movement seem to capture my mood of late. Today, I am so antsy, yet pensive. I have sudden flashes of bright thoughts and good feelings that make me smile; then dark moments of deep realization. (And no, I am not on medication, or think I should be..;[) I find myself pacing, wanting to be somewhere else...

I was up early and before my feet hit the floor, I knew I was going to have one of these days. I've been keeping busy since I got home last nite - unpacking, sorting, sweeping my floors! and sorting laundry. This morning I got busy making bread, doing dishes and laundry (the new dryer is great!), and finally paying some bills.

I have been so busy these last few months with school, Lakeside Lab, then this last weekend, that it is difficult to just relax and do nothing. I keep feeling like there is such a limited amount of time left to accomplish what I want, so I need to keep pushing to do it all. It sounds crazy, but I push because I want to someday be able to stroll, to just hang and be. Where is this possible in today's world. If you have a suggestion for me, I am all ears...

Today I just want to get in the MINI and drive.

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