Monday, April 27, 2009

our path in life....

This semester I decided to step back and find a different path with regard to studying for my Masters in Landscape Architecture. I now realize that I am not the first grad student to rethink the coursework that is carved in stone for the twentysomethings studying for their bachelors degree in landscape architecture.

The focus for me is the landscape, so this past semester I decided to take some courses that are not required in this curriculum. However, it seems these classes are very relevant, in fact essential, to the study and practice of land arch. My passion is in wetlands, so I studied wetland ecology with a world renown wetlands professor. I also wanted to study soils in further detail. Last semester I had a basic soils course, which I found to be very interesting. With a undergrad in business, I also found I was completely clueless when it came to chemistry and physics. So I added another soils course-this one in environmental quality. Very interesting stuff. With my course in hydrology this summer, I should have a solid foundation to continue on with my studies.

There is always doubt when one chooses to go at it from a different angle, but I feel good about this choice I have made. I mostly did research and writing this semester, which I love. However, I am anxious to get back to the drawing board...literally. I even registered for classes next fall and am excited to plunge in again with a studio and GIS(for dummies!).

More importantly, I think I needed to be home more. I started to bake bread again and fix an evening meal for my family. For the last few months we have all come together at the end of the day from our separate worlds, each of us spinning back into this one important galaxy called home....

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