Wednesday, December 31, 2008



  1. Happy New Year!!! We seem to be lucking out on the weather scene so far. It just seems to me that last year was so much more brutal in our area, I just had no where else to shovel the snows, but it seems like more ice this year. But we got a long way to go baby and we know all to well how nasty it gets. But after living almost 3 years in Florida and loving every minute of it...there's no place like home. This gardening ecologist just missed the fertile soils of home, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't go back for the winters...ha!

    I have such a powerful feeling about this new year, that there will be changes made to this fragile economy, it's a gut thing. The people I talk to on the blog say the same thing, it's a feeling!

    Anyway, let's hope have a wonderful New Year!


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